I’d like Swarovski stairs!

I need these stairs in my first place!

Could this be a tabletop holiday tree? A jewelry holder? Something else?
Use your imagination!
(via Shelterness)

SUBMISSION: I just moved in with my girlfriend in Austin, tx and spent yesterday afternoon organizing all of our books…
“Hermès and LVMH are at the two extremes of the culture and industry of luxury. We [at Hermès] are artisans and creative. We try to produce the most beautiful products in this industry. The artisans put their heart and soul in the bag and when the client buys it, they buy a bit of the ethic of Hermès. For six generations, the same family has run Hermès. That has given this company something no other company has. Our combat with LVMH is not an economic fight, it’s a cultural fight. We try to do poetry and we get excellent economic results. We must protect that.”